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Krystal and Ruby
We love Ports + Paws towels!

We absolutely love Ports and Paws towels! They’re quick drying, comes in gorgeous prints, and easily packable and durable. This is probably the fifth towel I’ve bought from them and just can’t get enough! Perfect for beach days or hiking!

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Jenn & Stella | @stellainhawaii
Cute Towel! 🤩

*This is a review for the old towel dimensions. There is a new, larger size for this towel that’s available*

This is literally one of the cutest towels I own! I love the paiko print so much! It’s microfiber so be aware if you have sensory issues with microfiber. This is my first microfiber towel so the texture of the towel is something to get used to.

I like to use this towel to dry my dog off before I put her in her bathrobe to get some of the water off of her so she’s not running around the house soaking wet. I keep this in my car incase I have a spontaneous beach day or if my pup gets wet or dirty. It absorbs water really well, dries fast, lightweight and is easy to clean. The size is a little small to lie down and use it as a beach mat but I’m sure the new towel dimensions would be a lot better!

The towel does come with a loop to keep it close but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to roll it up to keep it close without twisting it awkwardly. Someone needs to teach me how to roll it up nicely haha. 🙈


I bought this towel for myself cause it’s so cute!! It’s perfect for the beach since the sand comes off easily & it dries super quick! It absorbs water very well & you can bring it everywhere you go since it’s so compact. Would definitely recommend buying a bunch if you can! They’re the best towels!! :)

Quick Dry Towels

These are our favorite towels for not only beach days but post baths. Our shibas fur dries very quickly after using this. We love the size of the towel and the band that goes around to enclose it when you fold the towels. We also use the towels on our little baby girl!


Super soft, lightweight, and so easy to carry around. For how small and thin the towel is, it surprisingly absorbs really well! I bought two, one for my doggo and of course I needed one for myself! Awesome product.

We are so excited to have another original print! This is a beautiful pink towel designed in Honolulu, Hawaii! You will only find this print exclusively at PORTS + PAWS!

This is the perfect beach towel! It is a soft, microfiber material that is lightweight, very absorbent, quick drying, and stays sand free! Once you use these towels, you won't want to go back to regular cotton towels. It is even great for post bath time drying your pup! It is made of a polyester/polyamide blend. This is a double sided towel. One side is the beautiful, unique print. The other side is the matching solid color.



31.5" x 63"



Please machine wash cold. Tumble dry normal or air dry. Do not bleach.



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