If you are from Hawaii, Palaka is instantly recognized and loved. I wanted to share that love with all of you. Whether you are on the mainland or anywhere else in the world, you can have a little piece of Hawaii (home) wherever you are!

Palaka Background:
Palaka is a part of Hawaii history. It is a woven checkered pattern with color and white. The original color was a dark blue. Its story goes way back to the plantation days (early 1900s) and more! The original shirts were long sleeve to protect the workers during long days in the fields. People also wore it at laid back gatherings on their time off too. Just about every single person in Hawaii had a piece of palaka clothing. You could say it was equivalent in popularity to the aloha shirt today. I hope this print never goes out of style or gets lost in the future. It represents the hard work and unity of all cultures here in Hawaii.


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